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Examples of Projects Executed by FTP

Fassmer Technical Projects’ core team has directly overseen and been responsible for over 800,000 hours of technical retrofit installation works that involved piping, equipment, tanks and structure related to Scrubbers, Ballast Water Treatment Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems, etc.

Our team of skilled workers and expert Project Managers have delivered successful turnkey retrofit projects in dry dock as well as in-navigation on vessels worldwide.

Over the years, our engineering team have efficiently carried out hundreds of feasibility studies, equipment selections, 3D scanning, basic and detail design for both cruise line and commercial vessel operators all over the world.


Recent Projects include:

  • 3D Scanning and Modeling on 15+ vessels for Ballast Water and Scrubber projects
  • 15+ Scrubber Repair projects completed
  • 4 In-Navigation Scrubber projects where installation was not able to be completed in drydock
  • 12 Engineering and Installation projects for Lifeboat Retrofit
  • 2 Feasibility studies on Drill ships for Ballast Water Treatment Systems
  • 15+ Ballast Water Treatment Installations completed

Installation – Ballast Water Management System (BWMS)

Fassmer Technical Projects executed turnkey Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) installations for multiple vessels within the fleet for a major Client – both in dry dock(s) and while the vessel was in-service. FTP was responsible for Basic and Detail engineering, Class and Flag State Approvals, Installation and Commissioning of these BWMS projects. FTP’s expert marine technicians and skilled workers were able to navigate and overcome various challenges to successfully execute the projects on-time in each vessel. FTP’s Engineering and Installation team work hand-in-hand to ensure that all design and planning challenges are reviewed thoroughly prior to the installation start to minimize any downtown during the duration of the project.


Engineering & Design – Scrubber System Retrofit

Fassmer Technical Project recently executed all engineering for the Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (ECGS) or Scrubber System Retrofit for a commercial vessel operator and delivered a completed design package and shipyard specification to the Client.  Our engineering team was able to tackle the Client’s unique challenge by designing a 115-ton smokestack superstructure casing for integration with existing shipboard systems. The new installation replaced the old structure removed in Dry Dock and encompasses emissions reduction scrubbers to treat exhaust gases to comply with current IMO emission regulations. FTP also executed all structural calculations and engineering/design work required for the success of this project and our dedicated team was involved in the project till the installation was completed by the Installer in the Shipyard.


Custom Fabrication

Fassmer Technical Projects’ Class certified workers recently completed prefabrication works in our Caribbean facility for davit modifications to provide ease of access to lifeboats.  FTP design team developed the Class drawings for the ladders and our team carried out numerous inspections during the construction phase to ensure the prefabrication works were satisfactory. Upon completion, FTP’s logistics team worked closely with the Client to deliver the fabricated ladders successfully to the desired location.


GRVE/ GRV/ GRP Pipe Design, Fabrication and Installation 

FTP skilled workers executed an in-service project for a Client where they required installation of GRVE supports, penetrations and penetration sleeves. Our highly efficient team was able to safely complete the in-navigation technical work with strict considerations to minimize disruptions to vessel operation during the duration of the project. In collaboration with the vessel technical team and port agents, our team cost effectively planned and executed the project to our Client’s satisfaction.

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