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Fassmer Technical Projects

Bringing 170 years of Fassmer Shipbuilding Expertise to the Worldwide Retrofit, Refit and Refurbishment Market


Fassmer Technical Projects is an industry leader in the worldwide retrofit, refit and refurbishment market and has a reputation of executing international projects successfully.  Read more.


Fassmer Technical Projects capabilities include engineering and design, turnkey installations and repairs, prefabrication and construction, project management, and more. Read more.

Market Sectors

Fassmer Technical Projects also offers innovative solutions in Wind Power, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Yachts, Deck Equipment, Composite Technology and much more.  Read more.

Engineering and Design

FTP engineering team has extensive technical and engineering skills as well as 3D scanning technology to execute complex engineering projects

Prefabrication and Construction

FTP offers prefabrication and construction works by Class certified workers in various locations around the world, including GRE/ GRVE/ GRP and SMO

Turnkey Equipment Retrofit Installations and Repair

FTP offers highly efficient in-service and dry dock services for various maintenance and repair works as well as complete turnkey solutions

Advanced Project Management

FTP offers critical project management support to minimize project expenses and to avoid unnecessary downtime during project planning and execution

Logistics and Material Packages

FTP offers cost effective logistics support and material packages to ensure smooth project execution from start-to-finish

Our Skilled and Certified Workers from USA, Romania, Poland, Dominican Republic, Ukraine and South America provide World Class Service to our Clients


Fassmer’s core values are high quality, sustainability and environmental and social responsibility. Fassmer Technical Projects maintains these values and high safety standards. All our projects are executed with a commitment to safety and a goal of zero harm to personnel, environment and equipment.